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# BetterInvites

The simple, better Discord bot for invite roles.

BetterInvites makes Discord invites more powerful by giving members who join with an invite certain roles

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# Commands

/createinvite [invite]:

Starts the process to create a new invite role.
Use autocomplete to select an existing invite or type an invite code. discord.gg/abcdefg has code abcdefg
Then select your role(s), and click โœ…, everything is set up!

Image of /createinvite command, with an invite selected


Lists the set up invite roles.


Refreshes invite cache. Run this if you believe the bot missed a member joining.


Displays helpful information (basically this page)

# Remove a role invite

Use the /createinvite [invite] command again and don't select any roles. The bot will not assign any roles to people who use that invite. Confirm it has been removed with /display.

# Assign multiple roles for each invite

If you would like an invite to give multiple roles when someone joins, select multiple roles when prompted.

# Something is not working!

# It says "I can't interact with the following roles:..."

Verify that role hierarchies allow BetterInvites to give those roles. It cannot give roles higher on the hierarchy than itself. more info (opens new window).

# Roles are not being assigned!

It's possible permissions may not be set up correctly. Try kicking and reinviting the bot with this (opens new window).

# More Info

# Suggestions and bug reports

Please direct all suggestions and bug reports to our support server (opens new window)

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